Just A New Rhythm

As most of you know, at about 2am on the morning of Saturday October 29th I went into sudden and unexpected labor due to a complication called placenta abruption. There is no warning, no detection and no prevention for this type of complication. On Friday night I went to bed  feeling normal and by early Saturday morning I had given birth. Graham and I are so thankful for our proximity to DHMC and for the accelerated care we received as soon as we arrived. Things could have been much worse, and that thought alone makes us feel so grateful.

Many of you know at least bits and pieces of David’s birth story, but to sum it up it is was a night of bewilderment and fear and unpleasant, fast-paced decision making. Even if it was a scary experience, however, it was an experience that Graham and I shared, and for that I’m also thankful.

In the end, all things are bright and good! Our son, David, was born healthy, small and adorable (if I do say so myself). He’s ready for battle.

Funny thing is, he’s been wearing a snorkel ever since he got a breath of real air. I like to think he’s thinking, “Where’s that sea I was just swimming in?”

We will use this blog to keep friends, family and supporters in the loop. It will be mostly pictures and short updates for now, as we settle into this new rhythm. Thanks for reading.

J & G & D


25 thoughts on “Just A New Rhythm

  1. Dan and I and our families have all been thinking of you ALL!
    We can’t wait to meet little David, perhaps during a run-in at the Norwich Inn, one of these days down the road!
    We’re right here in town, so please don’t hesitate to ask for anything at all –
    (I know you have a lot of friends and family too).
    Ches & Dan

  2. Thanks for the blog. I think of you all every minute. People are stopping by the store asking and now I can keep them informed.


  3. My thoughts and prayers have been with you!!! Jane, you’re a fighter and I’m sure little David is as well!! Thank god for advanced medical care. Hang in there and keep fighting 🙂 Give my best to your entire family ❤

  4. Eric and I are thinking of you three! Congrats on David! I work in Leb so I am avail anytime for a run, errand or anything needed- 603-369-7070. Lots of love and good vibes!! Sarah & Morgs

  5. We’re proud of you (Jane, Graham & David) and so happy for you! Know that we are constantly thinking of you and we’re ALWAYS here for ANYTHING you may need. Love, Tom, Courtney & Peak

  6. Janie, i’m so proud of you & your strength which has obviously been extended to your son. Please know that we are thinking of you back in VA & LOVE being able to stay informed of little David (and your) progress! Things like this make me proud to be in a medical program knowing that I will soon be a part of miracles such as this. We love you:)

    Carey (AKA: the girl who used to be a squatter in your parents house) 🙂

  7. I pray that David will feel love from every single person around him, and that it will give him the strength to grow and thrive.

  8. Jane & Graham – I’m a friend of Sarah Lauridsen’s and work at MV with her. … I also had preemie(s) at DHMC (twins now 5 years old) and can tell you that you are in GREAT hands there. The ICN is a roller coaster and if you ever need to talk to someone who has BTDT, I’m happy to listen. The nurses and doctors there will be like family to you soon. My very best wishes to you and congratulations on your beautiful David.

  9. Hi Jane and Graham, Tom and I have had you both in our thoughts and prayers.since we heard of David’s arrival. David is blessed to have you as his parents. He is a surivor and a blessing. I will continue to pray for the medical team that is watching over your precious son. I know that you are surrounded by many that care deeply for both of you. Reach out to them often for suppport in any form that you may need at that moment. Since I am in Virigina and cannot physically help, my support will be the constant prayers for David, Graham and you. Tell David that when his GG gets back to Staunton we will be there to suppot her and Grandad Terry.

    Connie Davis

  10. sending you all all all my love, and looking forward to meeting this amazing David Webster, all my thoughts are with you… xoxox megan

  11. Dear Graham and Jane,
    We’re reading your blogs as if they were an amazing story book – can’t wait for the next installment! He’s beautiful!
    Now, Jane, something for you to consider: applying for a Good Beginnings volunteer (the hospital has brochures about this service). It means someone would visit you once a week, to help you in any way you need help: laundry, errands, addressing thank-you envelopes, meal shopping or preparation, rides to doctor’s appointments, or just someone to talk to. I’ve been a volunteer with them for 10 years, and have loved the work and meeting new families.
    Love from Judy and Norman Miller

  12. These photos of David are really precious. I know he’s fighting hard, and he looks great. After nursing 3 babies myself, I can say with authority that you have an impressive milk supply going and those are priceless photos as well! Great work, Jane giving that baby boy what he needs!

  13. Jane & Graham,
    Congratulations to the birth of baby David. He is adorable, hearty, and definately a fighter. I know he’s in good hands, he has people around him 24/7 who love him, and there’s no doubt in my mind he will continue to grow, gain strength, and make his presence in the world beyond the neo-
    natal care unit. We love you all, send you our thoughts for continued strength, and perfect health. So looking forward to meeting him.
    Please plan a trip to Maine in the Spring.
    Holiday prayers, and wishing you all the very best.
    Diane & Peter Bruell

  14. Graham & Jane,

    Congratulations ! …and loving best wishes……..We went through very similar anxieties 40 yrs ago ( Peter is now 6′ 5″, a mathematician, and a spectacular human being…) and 37 yrs ago ( Wynnie, whom you know, is a gorgeous, bright & talented woman )……..Love your babe like mad….
    You’ll get tired, scared, and be up and down the emotional roller coaster…….Let your friends help…..Treasure each other…….David will do his darndest ……celebrate his hard work…..

    We’ll be back in Etna next week, and would be happy to be a respite site close to the hospital…….come for tea, lunch, dinner or a nap & shower !

    With Affection,

    Karen & Murray

  15. Dear Jane and Graham-Megan has kept us up to date on all of what you both are going through-actually all three of you. He is beautiful-you both are strong and positive-keep talking to David-we send good thoughts your way and will make a visit soon. You are so fortunate to where you are and the care and attention you are getting from your medical team.

    Love-Betty and Chuck

  16. The harp is perfect. I was relaxed listening to her play–she is an angel. I know David will love classical music.

    Love, Ninnie (I am changing the spelling of my name to NiNi so I can give all the children Nini Cat books.)

  17. Dear Jane and Graham,
    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son. We would like to send our best wishes and loving thoughts to you. You are obviously such wonderful and natural parents. Jane, I hope I get to meet you one day in person. From reading your words alone, you are such a beautiful person. Sending our love and best wishes to you from Colorado.
    Susan Paige Teruel (Graham’s second cousin) and Eric Teruel

  18. Dear Jane,
    Yes, David is absolutely adorable! What a delight to look at your pictures, often. We look forward to reading your every word, welcome humor thrown in as well!

    You have many people who support you and send you love – please know you have two more here, thinking about you and pulling for you every day.
    Pam and Larry

  19. Dear Graham, Jane and David,

    Although I do not know you personally, I will remember you me in my prayers. Your blog was forwarded to me by a friend that knew I watched another infant walk the path that David walks today. I am very pleased to share with you that she is an adorable year and a half old toddler today. These are difficult times for each of you. Treat yourself kindly. Cheryl

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