It’s All About Balance

David is treated on a daily/nightly schedule called “cluster care.”  Care is given at 8, 4 and 12 to minimize the amount of disturbance to him in his incubator. During cluster care his diaper is changed and his urine is weighed, his gases (oxygen levels in his blood) and lines are all checked, his mouth is cleaned out, and he is made more comfortable through repositioning. This is a time when Graham and I touch and talk to David, because he is awake anyway. We are encouraged to learn how to provide this care so that we can eventually do it ourselves. Between cluster care sessions we try to let him sleep. He needs about 20 hours per day.                                                                                          Dinner with Dad!

I try to get to the hospital by 9:30am to be present during doctor rounds at 10am. The group (10 or so) includes a rotating head neonatologist, a handful of residents, a dietician, a respiratory therapist and many others I still have not identified. They discuss David’s progress during the night and develop a plan for the day. They meet every morning and night at 10. I have already learned so much from listening to these rounds. I’m encouraged to ask questions and express concerns at any time. Words like “room air” at first sounded to me like a french term I would never understand, “roumairre.” What happens to David in the incubator is very calculated and complicated, but it’s amazing how quickly terms and procedures become normal and understandable.

Looking forward, David will have a head ultrasound either today or tomorrow. It’s routine, and they use it to check for bleeding in his brain. He has been receiving my colostrum through a tube and his feeding will gradually increase until he is big enough to breastfeed.

Bill Edwards said in yesterday’s round that “it’s all about balance.” The doctors know what to expect. They know all the complications and signs and stages a preemie will go through. The external support David receives right now is just helping him to develop self-sufficiency.

                                                                                    Light therapy to fight away the bilirubin (aka tanning session)

                                                                                    Stitching a burp cloth. Mom has already made new “best” friends.

More to come.

J & G & D


4 thoughts on “It’s All About Balance

  1. Graham and Jane,
    I’m in tears-your blog is beautiful as is David. So happy and grateful that things are going well. Phil stopped by the hospital but didn’t
    see either of you; Phil’s first son was a premie so he is very empathetic with your journey. You’re all three in our thoughts and hearts. Hillary shared access to this blog. Mary Norman & Phil Dunn

  2. Jane and Graham,

    First of all a big congratulations. He looks just like you!! Next, thanks so much for sharing this blog with us. Lisa and I look forward to peeking in on you on Saturday. You are all in our prayers. God bless.

    Darrell Gray

  3. Jane and Graham

    The family picture is so cute. When baby David is a linebacker he will love looking back on this photo of his family. Hang in there and be strong for him.


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