A Sunday is a Monday is a Tuesday

David doesn’t know the days of the week yet, and quite frankly, I’m forgetting them, too. But this is probably okay. Graham and I are not looking to the weekends right now; we’re not not looking to Saturdays and Sundays when we’re both always home, when we could put the finishing touches on the sugarhouse, or take that November trip we had planned to NYC. Right now a Sunday is no different from a Monday or a Tuesday.

David had a chest x-ray again two days ago. It showed some partial collapse in his lungs due to the shallow breathing he experienced over the weekend. Since the CO2 level in his blood has remained higher than the doctors would like to see and his oxygen intake remains low, they re-intubated him yesterday. It was not the news we wanted to hear but it is not the worst thing that could happen. David is now breathing with a ventilator and therefore not struggling to take breaths on his own, and because of this he looks better.                                                                                         Sleeping off the meds yesterday.

Unfortunately, however, this morning’s x-ray showed his left lung has not improved even with the intubation and new measures might need to be taken. We’re at one of those lows we’ve been told about and we’re just waiting to rise back up. Luckily the ICN provides a parent line we can call to get updates when we’re not at the hospital. We’ve started to call this line in the early morning to help soften any bad news we might otherwise receive at rounds. With Graham back at work I have been going to rounds on my own. I find it a little easier to go into the hospital in the morning knowing what to expect from the night before, and to anticipate the changes in his care that might be coming. In the morning I ask Graham to call the nurses, and as soon as he dials the number I go into another room in our house and shut the door. I try to hear only his tone instead of his words, and then once he hangs up I come out and have him tell me what was said. For some reason this makes me feel more comfortable. Like somehow the news might be better if I hear it coming from Graham.

                                                            Here is a picture of our cat hanging out on our dog bed with one of David’s diapers.

Despite all that has happened with his breathing, we have received good news from the past few days. David’s head ultrasound came back negative for bleeding in his brain. Although they will continue to monitor for this, we breathed a good sigh of relief.

Be back soon.

J & G & D


8 thoughts on “A Sunday is a Monday is a Tuesday

  1. Our hearts, our thoughts… we’re with you, J. I’ve rarely known a family of stronger human beings and that includes David. By virtue of his good fortune to have been born to you and Graham, he is and will continue to be a fighter. XO

  2. Jane & Graham,
    You so clearly described the emotional roller coaster you are both experiencing as David continues to grow and fight
    the challenges associated with growth and development. David is being watched closely and this is comforting.
    Continue to stay strong, you have the strength of one another, friends and family. We will continue to pray for David’s
    stability, he’s a fighter.:)

  3. And rise up you will. Please do not forget all the special angles that are watching over your precious son, Grandpa Webster and MooMoo just name two. My specfic pray tonight will be for improvement in David’s lungs. Hang on tight to each other during the ups and downs.

  4. Hang in there you three! We think about you each day and know you will get great care at DHMC. Accept help from those that offer it so you can focus all your energy where it is needed most. Soon you will look back and realize you are having more ups than downs. Love and strength from out west. Holly and Thor

  5. Dear Jane, Graham and David –
    Please know that we are thinking of you everyday ! Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday …whatever the day.
    let me know if you need anything.
    Loretta, David, Olivia, Rhyan, Chapin and Maggie Sue

  6. Webster family (all three of ya) – I’m sending as much love and hope and support as can be transported through the world wide web, and hopefully Cab and I will get to deliver some real live love and hope and support in person sometime in the very near future. You guys are incredible. Thank you so much for keeping us all posted with such incredible, honest, beautiful posts.
    It sounds like the last few days have really been a challenge. Know that we are thinking of you all the time. Don’t hesitate to call if you need someone to deliver you some coffee at the hospital or pick up your grocery list or clean your bathroom or do your laundry. We’re up for anything you need.
    Meg and Cab

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