A Harp to Ease the Beating and Cease the Beeping

From now on, David will get a free bedside concert every Tuesday night. What a lucky guy! The music has a veritable calming effect. The monitors beep much less while she plays, and the babies all seem to relax. Or maybe we relax. Either way, it’s a wonderful reprieve. And such a nice offering.


J & G & D


12 thoughts on “A Harp to Ease the Beating and Cease the Beeping

  1. Jane & Graham,
    Your posts of David’s progress are so wonderful. I was totally amazed and shocked to think a harpist would take the time to provide such soothing, and comforting bedside music. Learning that the monitors stop beeping and heart rates quiet. remind us that babies hear and feel everything.
    Continued prayers for the family and baby David:)

  2. How wonderful and what a beautiful gift she is sharing with you all! Jane and Graham, thank you for sharing your experience with us through this blog. David is so tiny and looks so vulnerable; I remind myself of what the nurse said to you: He’s not sick, just premature. I pray every morning for God to help him grow stronger and joyfully anticipate the day that you can bring him home.
    Love to you all-

  3. Wow. What a beautiful idea! Healing for everybody! What do you have to do to get the harpist to also forget what day it is, and show up on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays, too? xo

  4. Jane and Graham, Tim and I are thinking about you and little David and sending lots of love your way. Thank you for keeping up this wonderful blog and sharing David’s progress, he is PRECIOUS! I love Mary Oliver’s poem and knowing the healing notes of the harp soothed David and everyone else in the room. Know we are thinking about all of you. Big hug to all. Wende

  5. I just love his name , David, one of my favorites in the Bible. God always said David was a man after God’s own heart. Seeing this harpest makes me think of how David used to be summoned to play for the king when he was depressed and how David could sooth the king with his music. What a gift this lady has to bring music into the nursury. Our family will continue to pray for you all as his journiey continues. We’re praying for continued growth with no side-effects from his preminess and peace for you all as he progresses thru the ups and downs.

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