Trading Scents

It’s curious to note some of the things that I have come to love in the past twenty days, like, for example, the smell of plastic tubes. I have never ever liked the smell of plastic, or at least I have never considered whether or not I like it.

The ICN/March of Dimes provided us with a welcome bag when David was first admitted into the nursery. In this bag we found another bag filled with two itty bitty flannel blankets called “lovies.” I always have a lovie with me and David always has a lovie with him. We trade lovies each day. The purpose of the lovies is to provide David with my scent in his incubator, which helps to comfort him.

The thing about these lovies is that, when I take his out and trade it with mine, his always smells so unmistakably of plastic. His whole incubator smells of plastic. On the inside, it’s just David, his blankets and his tubes. And although I don’t want to know my son by the smell of plastic, in a strange way, I actually find it deeply comforting. The smell is so strong and so particular, and so him (at least for right now)that I can’t help but feel attached to it.

Lovies and tubes keep him strong.

David is still, as they say, “swinging.” For the past week they have tried to wean him down on his ventilator settings, but his oxygen needs continue to swing from high to low. Today he is steady. Yesterday he was not. Tomorrow, who knows. It’s up to him. This is just how it goes, and how it will continue to go. Overall, though, he looks healthy, he’s squirmy, he opens his eyes a lot more and he’s growing. He’s 2lbs 12oz!

Hangin' with one of his many girlfriends.

Today is World Prematurity Day. You probably didn’t know this and I only know this because the March of Dimes organization is hosting a lunch and chat session here at the ICN. They’ve provided goodies and blankets for all the babies in the nursery, food and information for the parents, and a string of ICN graduate handprints to help us all remember that there will be life after this.

I don't know Logan, but his mom, Barclay, has been so very kind to e-mail me with oodles of information on how to survive the ICN.

Kangaroo care with Mom tonight. We’ll probably read him “Katy and the Big Snow” since he knows “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel” by heart already.

J & G & D


8 thoughts on “Trading Scents

  1. Loving you guys! You’re all so strong. Keep up the great, very important work that all of you are doing. Thinking of you each and every day. Love, The Temples

  2. Dear Jane and Graham,
    Just want you to know that Norman and I are reading your blogs as they come in, looking at David’s little face, sending him messages of love and hope and cheer. We also very much appreciate the tone of your letters, Jane, the calm way you explain what’s going on. It helps us not to be bowled over with the enormity of the experience, but just to take the steps as they come, along with you.
    Thanks and love from
    Judy and Norman

  3. J and G

    The picture of David’s face it the first I’ve seen. He is so beautiful. 2lbs and 12 oz.–we are going to have to call him Moose. We are thinking of all of you and we are so proud of you. You are just the best. Keep us posted on his weight.


  4. Hoping the roller coaster is on an upswing today. Riding that ride is never fun but you’re taking it step by step – great job! Thanks for putting Logan’s handprint up – that was when he was three years old. To imagine a hand so tiny will become so big is overwhelming, but David will be posting up those handprints before you know it.
    Thinking of you –

  5. Sounds like you are doing an excellent job of meeting this challenge head on. He is adorable and I’m thinking of you all and sending thoughts of fast growth and strong breathing your way!!
    Take care.
    Kate Robbie

  6. Dear Jane and Graham,
    David is so fortunate to have such amazing, sensitive and loving parents. He is adorable and we love seeing your photos and reading your stories . You write beautifully.
    We send hugs and love,
    Jeff and Terry Marshall

  7. Kate just sent me link to your site. My thoughts are with you all, sending you strong breathing and comfort together. Libby R

  8. Hi David, Jane and Graham – We love the updates and the pictures. Look at David’s face — you both look beautiful. I do a lot with the March of
    Dimes at our community hospital, and I love hearing about the lovies and all that the MOD do for babies and parents. Next spring, when we do our walk, I will walk with David’s picture on me. Love you all so much.

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