A Slideshow

Last Thursday my mom traveled up from Virginia for the second time since David was born. My mom and Tina Ashton originally planned a small baby shower to be hosted on Sunday December 4th, but with David’s early arrival it changed into a “Welcome” shower. And eventually, with the bright idea and help from some of my mom’s craftiest friends, it evolved into a wonderfully low-key preemie hat and prayer flag making party.

It was just what I wanted and needed—a chance to see a good charge of great women in one setting. A chance to sit around, craft, and chat.

We worked on two projects: making hats to donate to the ICN at Dartmouth and a prayer flag for David. Thanks to my mom’s friends Betty Richmond, Connie Davis, Dana Krusz and Sheree Kiser for doing the initial sewing for the hats in Virginia. They were a hit at the shower and they’re now a hit in the ICN. My mom sent me a poor quality phone picture of the prototype a week before she came north. I thought the hat looked nice (I couldn’t really see it), so I was completely unprepared for the (and I’m really not big on this word) adorableness of them. They’re adorable.

I splurged and took a few for David.

Prue Fisher conceived the idea and organized the making of the prayer flag. She brought her sewing machine to the party and with paint pens and markers and fabric scraps we all created it there. At the end of the shower, we hung it in the middle of our  living room.

I have read every single one of them. They’re funny, touching, artistic—all things we hope David will be, and this prayer flag is already teaching him how. Thanks for the “thoughtful” gift, Prue. We’ll use it one day to help teach David to read.

Here’s a slideshow. “The Grannies” worked their magic and showered me with a pleasant and vibrant afternoon.

The Grannies, from left to right: Ginger, Prue, Meg, Heidi and Tina

Heidi painted, ribboned and had a mattress specially made for this bassinet. It's now in the family for a third generation!

Aunt Ninnie had preemie clothes made for David. Here is my fave.

Hat Station

Prayer Flag Station, (and Cindy P. providing laughs)

Jenny B. writing her well-wishes

GG and GG

David's library Before the shower

David's library After the shower

David’s on CPAP now, which means he’s breathing without the help of a ventilator, but still with the assistance of oxygen. This evening we will hear results from his most recent electrocardiogram. The doctor wanted to check for a potential SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia). He had an episode a few nights ago when his heart rate jumped into and stayed in the 200s for almost ten minutes. They want to rule out any potential issues, but it’s more likely that he was just agitated and too warm.

He is a bear, you know.

As always, we’ll hope for the best.

J & G & D


5 thoughts on “A Slideshow

  1. What a fantastic post! I’m so glad to hear that he is on CPAP. Before you know it, he’ll be on RA (room air) and you’ll just be working on feeding and growing (my fingers are crossed.) The prayer flag especially touched me. During our fight to conceive, a friend of ours who frequents Everest, brought us a prayer flag that had been blessed by monks far up the mountain. Once the twins were born and were in the ICN, another prayer flag arrived from a Sherpa friend. Only now, five years hence, have all the prayers been carried to the winds.

    Thinking of you and hope to get to the ICN in the next week or so – we’re nearing our own anniversary of the start of our stay.

    Best wishes for a smooth ride for a while.

  2. how great! been reading the blog and heard about the shower from tracey – seems like it was a warm, wonderful day for you and what thoughtful treats for david. that bassinet looks so cozy – how awesome it’s been in the family. thinking about you guys and can’t wait to meet that strong little man of yours! sending our thoughts your way – jess, wayne & miles

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