Moving Day

David is now 45 days old; he’s also 33 weeks and 3 gestational days old, which means I should still be carrying him for almost another 7 weeks. I’m not sad about this anymore. I’m not thinking in terms of absence, of something that is no longer “in there.” It’s just language, I know, but there was a point this weekend when I stopped thinking of David as gestating, and started thinking of him as simply growing. This might not seem like a big difference, but it is, because my no longer longing to scoop him up and tuck him back in has had a profound effect on how I approach the everyday. What I mean to say is that, this weekend, in a quick, epiphanic moment, I realized that he’s out. He’s out on his own in the open air, and he’s growing, just like a newborn baby should.

This shift in perspective probably has something to do with the fact that David graduated to the carpet on Saturday night. Yep. He moved in with the big babies. He has his own room now (sort of), with his own space and a window view. He’s also been moved to an open crib. The days of Mr. Toaster Head and the Incubator Adventures are over. I will admit, when Graham and I found out on Saturday evening that David would be moving, we felt a slight sense of nostalgia. Strange as it may sound, we had grown accustomed to David’s generic, uniform bedspace on the tile floor, because we had spent 42 days there with him, and the announcement of his relocation came on sudden enough that we actually missed it for the first few hours.

Holding hands before the big move.

Heading closer to home. No joke. In his new bedspace he's about 60 feet closer to Vermont.

Saturday was a big day to begin with. We started out with a lesson in infant massage and stretching techniques with the developmental therapist. We learned ways to stimulate David’s digestion and to help strengthen his bone growth. David had a test done last week that showed he’s at risk for slightly less than adequate bone development at this point. His feedings are now being enhanced with extra calories, vitamins and minerals, and we’re trying to give him the therapeutic touch he needs to help him grow.

Later in the day we gave David his first real bath in a bathtub. He needed it. We went to Dan and Whit’s mid afternoon and bought him some miniature rubber duckies for the occasion. The nurses rolled the tub right up to his bedside, plopped him in and away we scrubbed.

He didn’t love it. We had to scrub then oxygenate then scrub again and the whole process was a little cumbersome. But after the bath he fell into a deep, restful sleep and while he slept we wheeled him into his new neighborhood. And when he woke up nurse Sam was back on duty, so all was good. And he liked the new air so much that he came off his CPAP yesterday and was placed on high-flow oxygen. This is a big step forward. For one thing it frees up his mouth considerably, and although he’s still so small and young, this will allow us to start the initial introductions to breastfeeding.

We do feel more at ease now, but we’re still cautious with our enthusiasm. And we have to expect another 45 days here. But what I tell myself is that although we might wish to be home, we’re experiencing many of our “firsts” in the ICN, and we’re learning much more about David at this stage than we would have otherwise learned.

And with him doing pretty well, having him out now feels like bonus time.

J & G & D


11 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Hi Jane, Graham and David,
    Sorrry I have not been in touch for awhile but even though I have not written, my thoughts have been with all of you. I am thrilled to hear the good news of David’s new home.Your hearts must be overjoyed to see him in his “big boy bed” David, you look so big in your bathtub! Keep up the good work little one. So glad nurse Sam is still with you.

  2. Dear Jane and Graham,
    I was so sorry to miss the “shower.” Amy and I were in Copenhagen visiting my brother and his family and a new baby (my great-nephew) there. Then I went on to Vienna, with my niece, to visit an elderly cousin who remembers our (mine and hers) grandmother who died during WWII. We took many photos and tapes of her talking about those days, so it seemed an important thing to do. We also saw as much of Vienna as we could in only 4 days, and that was wonderful – a city built of palaces – gorgeous!
    Lots of love,

  3. Yippee! It’s great to hear such good news. I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow, little bugaboo! Love, Court, Tom & Peak

  4. Well, Little Man Webster……Moving up already ! What a wonderful reward for all your hard work….carpet, no less…pretty fancy !……We relish all these bits of good news & progress and continue to send all our best thoughts your way……XOXO Murray & Karen

  5. Yay for graduation day! I remember how bittersweet that was and how quickly we settled into the new ‘normal.’ You have so many new normals in front of you and having only met you through your words…I KNOW you will enjoy the adventures each new normal brings. Still hoping to get to the ICN in the next week. Tomorrow is the birthday for our ICN ‘grads’ – hardly seems like it was 5 years ago.

    Hang in there and many hugs to you!

  6. The Woods continue to send their love, prayers and positive thoughts your way. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this blog. Looking forward to the day when we read the news that David is moving to his own digs in Vermont. Best wishes. Bambi, Sandy, Brooke and Todd

  7. Great news! We spend a handful of days in the ICN with Jay and Alli. Every day is progress. Onward and upward, Bear! Keep up the good work — Pam and Jack

  8. Gosh, I feel like I’ve been out of touch and missed so much, but still thinking about you guys all the time. Amazing Welcome Shower for David Jane! The Grannies did an awesome job and the hat making was too cute. Congrats on the move, the bath and the rooting. Up, up and away David – you’re doing great! XO C & D

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