Another Hospital Holiday

Since we couldn’t bring our Christmas tree into the ICN to set up next to David’s crib, we got two trees this year. This one’s from the McLaughry tree farm, compliments of Buff. It’s the opposite of premature as far as Christmas trees go.

And we found this one at CVS. It’s a little more manageable, and a little more little, but we love it no less.

David wanted to get a few gifts for his three primary nurses, so we wrapped them and put them under the tree next to our family picture taken with Santa yesterday.

We’ll be spending Christmas morning in the hospital with David. We’ll probably read a few Christmas stories, play some music, open the gifts he’s received, and then just lounge around. We think it sounds pretty nice.

When we told David our Christmas plans, he said,” just wake me up when you put the milk out.”

Happy holidays, all.

J & G & D

5 thoughts on “Another Hospital Holiday

  1. Ah…Christmas Eve at the ICN. We decided we would leave the ICN on Christmas Eve to have dinner and attend church (for me) with my dear friend’s family. I went to church with my friend, leaving my husband at their house to relax. When we got back from the service, he was nowhere to be found. Oh, the panic that I felt…until I found the note that said ‘Kathy (our primary) called – out of milk. Took the pumped stuff and ran it up to ICN. Back soon.” Off he went, from New London to the ICN, returning just before midnight. We enjoyed a beautiful day in the ICN for that Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. May next Christmas see the chaos of protecting that tree from David’s curiosity!

  2. Merry, Merry Christmas !!!……..David looks so content nestled in those arms………..We got to bring our first baby home from the hospital on Christmas Day…What excitement !…..But our Christmas tree was no where near as glorious as either one of yours……We lived in Hawaii, where trees were prohibitively expensive, so Murray scraped up the left-over bits of branches from the closed tree sales lot on Christmas Eve and wired together a ‘ Charlie Brown ‘ Tree to great us in the morning……..We’ve never had a lovelier tannenbaum !……and the baby in his basket beneath it was the gift of a lifetime !……Wow… was 42 years ago !……….With Considerable Affection…….Murray & Karen

  3. Love to all of you this Christmas! You guys are great and I know David can sense every ounce of your love and good cheer. Happy Day, The Temples

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